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Many new user's profit increases around 100% as a result of using our hostel software?

HostelOffice enables so many additional bookings for hostels and increased profit per booking that many users of our software open an additional hostel within a year of using our software. If you are not using our software then you are encouraging others to open hostels in your city.

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Very Intelligent Hostel Room Management Software

Dorm Project is the name of the Hostel Front Office software with over 15 years proven market operation. Two Way fully automated hostel software - Hostel to Agent and Agent to Hostel - with no staff intervention required. The Only hostel software solution that does not rely on third party Channel Manager software to gain you the agent integrations with the PMS we provide. All our integrated agents are direct and based on direct legal agreements with those agents. Comes standard with a fully integrated booking engine for your website and remote access without the need for third party remote access software. Managers download the software on to as many of their computers as they like so they access the front office from their laptop anywhere in the world. No third party logmein software required.

Start on the Right Path

Lowering your price to beat your competition will result in all hostels gaining less income per booking. Our software elevates your hostel to be a leader in your city so that you do not have to lower prices to gain more bookings. Read How

We become your personal trainer for your hostel business.

We function like a personal trainer for hostels. The more effort you are willing put in to gaining a profitable hostel then the more assistance we will provide free of charge. If you follow all our instructions you will pay less to us and gain rebates from us. We will show you how to can get to a point where you pay us nothing per month, gain Google credits from us each month, and you are gaining as many 100% bed price paying guests as possible.

More Direct bookings

HostelOffice software improves your Google ranking automatically so that you gain more commission free direct bookings. You will also be networked with other users so they promote your hostel to their guests. See How by Dean Strautins

User Friendly

Property Management SoftwareAvailable for Windows, Mac or Linux
Hostel OfficeGraphic User Interface.
Dorm Project Drag n Drop bookings.
Online hostel trainingYouTube accessible training films
PMS HostelManagement access levels
Hostel Channel ManagerNo onsite server required

Hostel Software

Frees up your time

Property Management SystemPreset future room allocations and prices
Hostel toursPreset future tours and activities
Hostel guest emailsAuto email messages to all guests before arrival
Hostel PMSAutomatic daily reports via email
mobile booking engineIntegrated booking engine for FaceBook, Mobile devices and your website
Hostel Portal Manager

Safe and Secure

Hostel Front DeskMirrored data for disaster recovery.
Hostel BackofficeNot Web Based so is accessible without internet.
Hostel PMSAudit trail for every single edit.
Hostel SoftwareSetup includes importing of all existing Hostelworld and HostelBookers bookings.

Website Booking Engine

iCloud Vs LAN based Hostel Software

Booking Engine

The integrated booking engine for your website is tailorable by you so you can change the text and include photos. One room can be sold under multiple categories and one booking removes all the tied categories. This enables you to gain more revenue per room. The booking engine shows room photos, any text you want, sells one room as multiple rooms without the risk of double bookings, and you can list tours, breakfast, events, concerts in an extra section of the booking engine. The engine charges the guest 1.5 euros per booking so that they gain a secure booking and you gain their credit card details to debit in the event of a No-Show. The guest pays 100% of the room price on arrival. We rebate users up to 25 cents per booking if they complete the free SEO qualifying steps to take up our integration with Google to gain 100% bed price paying guests from Google Maps, Google Places, and Google Hotels. This booking engine is also integrated with TripAdvisor and Facebook. We also have mobile versions of the booking engine and free instructions on how to easily mobile enable your website without damaging your SEO.

Hostel Customer Resource Management

Hostel CRM

Automated messages are set to go to every guest and then with a right mouse click you can send specific pre-populated emails to guests that include anything you want like films showing how to get to your hostel with interactive maps.

Detailed Check In

Hostel Reception

The more details you associate with a booking at reception then short term efficiency will be achieved and more accurate data will facilitate long term efficiency.

Hostel Check in Software

Search Bookings

Hostel Booking

Not only can you find a booking by reservation name or number or date and room type, but also by words used in the notes for every booking.

Search Guest Details

Group various bookings together

Hostel Occupancy

Optimise rooms booked to gain the highest possible occupancy whilst minimising guest room changes and keeping laundry and cleaning costs to a minimum.

Hostel Website Booking Engine

Weekly prices

Hostel Discount

Some hostels encourage long term guests by giving them a discount. You can set any amount of days to apply the discount to.

Hostel Weekly Prices

Adjust your hostel rooms

Seasonal Hostel

You have total control over setting up rooms so you can change the initial setup as it suits you. You can pre program seasonal setups to forward sell rooms today that will exist in the future.

Hostel Software PriceHow Much Does it Cost?

Your biggest cost is you not using the software and we remove the risk by you only having to commit to 2 x three month payments and then payments thereafter every six months. Hostels with around 100 beds pay just 200 Euros setup fee and larger hostels pay 450 euros setup fee but gain a more suitable integrated booking engine for larger hostels. Most user pay a base price is 100 Euros a month for all the components integrating with four agents and gaining about 100,000 euros of extra income and value a year.

For many hostels that need more bookings then we can enable them to gain over 100% more bookings a month from their website and at least 25% more bookings from agents a month within the first month of using the software once they are fully integrated with the agents and have our integrated booking engine in their website.

For other hostels that have a healthy amount of bookings already or as a result of our software then we assist them to know how to replace the agent commission lost bookings with direct 100% bed price paying bookings. For all users they have the opportunity to follow our instructions to improve their web presence so that over time they gain a leading position online for a hostel in their location. The software automates a lot of the ongoing steps required to achieve the improved web presence that in turn improves direct bookings.

Then when a hostel has done all the right things we will then give them Google credits each month so they can integrate with Google via our software and use those credits to gain even more direct bookings from Google Maps, Google Hotel Finder, and Google Locations.

So essentially we function like a personal trainer for hostels. The more effort you are willing put in to gaining a profitable hostel then the more assistance we will provide free of charge. If you follow all our instructions you will pay less to us and gain rebates from us. We will show you how to can get to a point where you pay us nothing per month, gain Google credits from us each month, and you are gaining as many 100% bed price paying guests as possible.

Hostel SoftwareI am thinking that it will be very complicated to setup?

Nothing can be more simple to setup. You choose the day you want to start. When you download the software you will see all your Hostelworld and HostelBookers bookings already in the software. There is no extra computer hardware needed other than the standard reception computer you now have. No Servers are required.

Hostel ProfitWhy do I need to start now. Why not wait 6 months or a year to start using the software?

Once you are a user of our software we will inform you of tips and settings that will give you an advantage over hostels you compete with. The sooner you start before your competition and put these tips and settings to use then the more difficult it will be for your competition to catch up with you and get as many bookings as your hostel.

Hostel Booking EngineWhat does the software do?

The software is like another employee for you. The software manages all prices and allocations you give to agents. The software also accepts and places the bookings in to the reception component so staff can see all bookings automatically. Then there is the integrated booking engine for your website capturing more bookings.

Hostel Website booking engineIf the software is so simple to use then how does it generate more bookings for hostels?

The answer has a lot to do with momentum of bookings, the perception of a hostels popularity, ensuring people get offered the room/bed type the most desire, facilitating higher agent ratings, the professional online look of the hostel and the feeling of security generated, 100% allocation in low periods and reduced allocations in peak periods, zero release time, additional agent integrations, dealing with guests as people and not as numbers, and gaining higher revenue from 80% occupancy than your competitors gain from 100% occupancy. etc

Hostel Website booking linkWhy should I use your software instead of some other idea?

Because we provide you a complete throughput solution and not sub optimising software that causes costs in other areas of your hostel, It is user friendly, gives you freedom to manage your hostel remotely, is very reliable, it gives you more control of your business, it is fun to use, with the extra income our software will generate you can buy the things you have always wanted.

hostel integrated websiteWhy have hostels decided on a PMS that is not this software?

Hostels have made decisions on what system to use to manage their hostel without knowing that this software existed. This is because for the first 12 years the software was only known to Swiss based hostels. Only since 2012 has there become more users outside of Switzerland. Many hostels also do not really know what causes success.

Hostel Software Hostel Software

Hostel Software Demo
Download Hostel Software Demo for Windows
Hostel Software Demo
Download Hostel Software Demo for Mac OSX
Hostel Software Demo
Download Hostel Software Demo for Linux
Hostel PMS User Manual
Download the Hostel Software User Manual

Hostel Software Demo
How to create a FaceBook booking button

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Free Frequent Upgrades

Our programmers are also software owners so you have extra security knowing they will not depart the business leaving us short of programming skills. These programmers work full time adding features and functions to the software that you receive in seamless and frequent upgrades.

Hostel Software Upgrades

Getting Started

40 euros a month is the base price that you add 1 euro on top for every 2 beds in your hostel and then the agent integrations are priced in proportion to the amount of beds the hostel has. So a 50 bed hostel would pay 90 euros a month for the software integrating with 4 agents. The agent integration options are Google Hotels that includes Google Maps and Google Locations, TripAdvisor's TripConnect integration, HiHostels, Agoda,, HostelBookers, HostelsClub, GOMIO, and Hostelworld that includes, WeHostels, and Bed&BreakfastWorld if you want. If you feel there is a need to be integrated with another 20 agents then we can enable that via our integration with a channel manager. Because we have a far superior integrated booking engine for your website and have automated functions that gain your hostel more Google reviews and ratings that in turn leads to more direct bookings you do not have to feel the need to give allocation to every agent. If you do give allocation to every agent then you risk pushing out 100% bed price paying guests and replacing them with commision lost bookings as outlined here. Hostel Software Prices

Do Not Pay 12 Months Up Front 

Your first two invoices are for 3 months duration each and thereafter invoices are every 6 months. Free trials are only possible after the 200 Euro setup fee is paid as we are very serious about making hostels successful and we need the hostel to be committed and as serious. We do not lock you in with a contract because we are confident the solution will keep you happy. We will also permanently reduce your monthly fee by 25 euros per month for every new user you introduce. Hostel Software Invoice

This software has the prime objective to reduce your cost. Cost is defined as:

  • A. Cost of the software,
  • B. Cost of monetary leakage,
  • C. Cost of lost bookings you could have gained, and
  • D. Cost of administration,
  • Any software that reduces these costs wins orders from hostel owners. But the qualifiers that validate a purhase decision for hostel managers are:

  • A. No loss of data
  • B. Reliable up time
  • C. User friendly
  • D. Independent Managers control panel
  • E. Remote access
  • F. View of all staff actions
  • G. Increases agent bookings
  • H. Increases direct bookings.
  • I. Increases profit per booking
  • J. No longer need to manually adjust allocations on agent backoffices.
  • The qualifiers for staff are:

  • A. User friendly
  • B. Reliable
  • C. Automation of tasks
  • D. Contributes to a successful business and long term employment.

Apple Mac Hostel Software Our Software is like Apple Macintosh - no crashing of software. We don't give you constant headaches with crashes.

Hostel PMS No onsite server required,

Charts PMS No network software required,

Hostel Management No late night dramas,

No manual intervention required.

Service Level Agreement?

Our Track record is the best guarantor of our software continuing to work. Join our FaceBook User Group to read what existing users think about our software. You will then hear from the best authority how we synchronise every minute every hour every day of the year without avoidable hassles to you or your staff.

Around the Clock 24x7 Cloud Rectification

Agents dont provide the 7 days a week support we provide our users. We fill this gap for you on the condition that non working days you email us. When agents are closed then ask us. There is no extra fee for support as it is included in the base monthly fee. If you feel you need around the clock 24/7 worldwide on call support then it is available to be contracted. But as of 2014 not one hostel has seen a need to pay for extra support. Our disaster recovery is instant and faster than if you had to rely on in-house IT specialists to restore your LAN network and LAN hardware.

Backup and Data Security

We provide the Cloud Data Storage to synchronise the software on your computers. This provides far superior security and reliability of your data than relying on your own server or PC's. We have your data secured in two countries with mirrorred data being exchanged between each server farm.

Synchronisation Frequency

Because our software synchronises with all agents every minute of every day without you noticing any CPU or Bandwidth constrainsts. This means that you have the most secure and reliable software available.

Our Cloud

We use the most advanced Cloud data management technique. If you use software that uses legacy synchronisation then they will only synchronise data a set times each day and not allow you to provide online 100% allocation. With these legacy old style systems you will have arrivals at your hostel before you are informed of their booking.

If you have any questions please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible


TEL +61 428 800 810

Tips to assist you set up your hostel

Hostel Flyer Exchange

Centralised distribution of your Hostel Flyers to the hostels you choose Flyer Exchange

Automated postcards

Improve your relationship with other hostel owners and managers. Create a real postcard online that is posted direct for US$1.5 per card and postage Make Your Own Postcards Store addresses, birthdays etc Include photos and never forget your most valued regular guests and staff.

RFID Door Locks and Lockers

Supplied by Hafele RFID Door Locks and Lockers

Top 10 Mobile Phone Bookings for your hostel

Top 10 in the City 1 year free for users of our software if you purchase 6 months from them Aggregating all your online prices and allocation

Front Door phone with remote opening

Decrease staff costs by having your door bell call your mobile phone. Then you can push 5 on your mobile to remotely let in the guest.

New Hostel Website

Although it is not our core business. We can provide you with a very trendy upto date website for your hostels that includes Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Flickr, Google Maps etc. See some of the styles we have created Funky Hostel , Mosquito Hostel, Underground Backpackers, Malibu Apartments and Globetrotters International

HostelGuru Newspaper for Hostels

The hostel industry weekly newspaper you can subscribe to free of charge, to learn who is doing what in the hostel industry:

Just a few users listed here. Have a look at their websites to see the awards they have won and how they include the website booking engine that comes with our software.


Venice Beach Cotel in California

An example of managing a hostel from a distance and gaining the best numbers to gain the highest sell price.

Venice Beach Cotel managed by Kerry Katey during 2011 and 2012 located 5000 miles from the hostel.



The Bulldog Hotel in Amsterdam.

An example of gaining more direct bookings.

Bulldog hotel in Amsterdam is one of the iconic hotels that contributes to the character of Amsterdam since 1975. The company is now multinational and multifacted with many different products like a seed bank, energy drink, clothing and other products.



Travel Joy Hostel London.

An example of facilitating the opening of a second hostel.

Travel Joy Hostels are run staunchly by an owner not willing to give over control to software just because of promises. The actual bottom line improvements were used by this owner to open a second hostel.



Sleep-In-Heaven hostel Copenhagen

An example of winning against new strong competition

A brilliant example of doomsday for long established non corporate hostels. Mid 2011 Generator opens new hostel in great location in Copenhagen that has over 650 beds! Dumps prices and offers everything it can think of for free.



Comrie Croft Hostel in Scotland

An example of a Hostelling International rural hostel

Comrie Croft is a farm-based hostel in the Scottish countryside. A member of Hostelling INternational providing accommodation to campers, weddings, families, school groups, flash-packers and backpackers that want to go on isolated walks.



Absoloot Value Hostel in New Zealand

An example of a new hostel winning against established chain hostels

Chain hostels seek to saturate the market by giving allocation to every agent possible and use their scale to gain preferntial listing on those agents. Smaller hostels follow the strategy and as a result can not compete because they ignore their competitive advantages..



About HostelOffice

Who will provide you sales and support?

Technical behind the scenes support via upgrades and database maintenance is done by the programmer/partners in Switzerland. Your point of contact for all your needs is Dean Strautins. Click on the link to find out more about Dean.

About Dean